Board members

Amanda Barney

Teem Fish Monitoring, Canada

Teem Fish Monitoring is a fisheries electronic monitoring technology company dedicated to bringing the best automation tools and efficiencies to our data collection and analysis processes

Andrew J Jansen

Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water, Australia

Focusing at the intersection of deep learning and ecology to develop wildlife monitoring solutions using a range of remote sensing technologies (e.g. drones, underwater cameras, multi-spectral sensors, IoT Edge, cloud computing)

Asta Audzijonyte

University of Tasmania, Australia & Nature Research Centre, Lithuania

ML models for citizen science and social media data, especially models for fish size determination

Catarina Silva

University of Coimbra, Portugal

ML models for automatic identification of species and sizes from images; multidisciplinary and innovative methods to fisheries research; marine population dynamics

Kieran Hyder


Application of science to support policy and management of fisheries focusing on the social, economic, and biological impacts of marine recreational fisheries; novel approaches to support fisheries monitoring, modelling, assessment and management

Kim Friedman

FAO, Italy

Lisa Kellogg

Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

Luyen Chou

GotOne fishing app, USA

GotOne is a fishing log app that empowers recreational anglers with the data they need to catch more fish and conserve our fisheries

Nathaniel “Than” Hitt

U.S. Geological Survey Eastern Ecological Science Center, USA

Ecological applications of AI for fish biology in freshwater ecosystems

Steve Munch

University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

I use nonlinear dynamics, optimal control, and machine learning to develop data-driven tools for ecosystem management

Tom Wye

Fishial.AI, USA

General members

Alexander Dungate

OnDeck Fisheries AI Inc.

Alyssa Marshell

University of Tasmania, Australia

AI for automatic identification of fish species and sizes from video and images; automate annual monitoring of fisheries species; increase length data available for length-based annual stock assessments

Barbara Block

Stanford University, USA

Ben Letcher

U.S. Geological Survey, USA

Christian Skov

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Denmark

Dan Morris

Google AI for Nature and Society, USA

Eelke Folmer


Ercan Avsar

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Underwater video processing for automatic species recognition; edge computing and real-time object detection with deep learning models

Iñaki Quincoces

AZTI, Spain

Jimmy Freese

Ai.Fish, USA

Ai.Fish is a Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence company with significant ongoing R&D in data science, deep learning, convolutional neural networks and object detection and tracking to address problems in marine sustainability and conservation.

Jordan Lynch

Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

My interests lie in improving shellfish aquaculture production, quality, profitability, and environmental sustainability through applied research and workforce development.

Julian Lilkendey

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Harnessing AI to identify, track, and analyse the movements of fish, my research delves into their energetic and behavioural adaptations to challenging marine environments.

Justas Dainys

Nature Research Centre, Lithuania

My main research interests are related to the study of eel population status, biological indicators and spawning migrations using telemetry methods, as well as the application of novel and innovative methods for assessing the impact of recreational fishing on fish populations.

Justin Chan

OnDeck Fisheries AI Inc.

Mark Sudul


Michaela Holubová

Biology Centre CAS, Czech Republic

Main focus of my interest is the behavioral ecology of freshwater fish via a non-invasive approach involving UVC.

Noel Clark

Colorado State University, USA

Osamu Kishida

Hokkaido University, Japan

Paul Clerkin

Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

I am a taxonomist exploring innovative ways to enhance identification tools and develop AI solutions to improve the accuracy of species identification and data collection for deep-sea sharks

Raiana McKinney

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Rod Connolly

Griffith University

I am the Director of FishID and the Global Wetlands Project. We develop AI tools and coordinated monitoring systems for aquatic ecosystems.

Sean Simmons

Angler’s Atlas, Canada

Sebastian Lopez-Marcano

Griffith University

I am a data scientist developing AI solutions for AgTech, conservation and education.

Sebastian Uhlmann

Dr Snapper, Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO), Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB)

I am a fisheries biologist with an interest in bycatch, discards, fish welfare, post-release survival and hook-less fishing by means of underwater camera only.

Sophie Pitois


I’m a Zooplankton ecologist focussing on optimizing imaging tools for automated monitoring; in particular the use of AI methods for real-time data collection and visualisation

Thor Veen


Tim Sartwell

NOAA Fisheries

Victor Anton, New Zealand

Yoichiro Kanno

Colorado State University, USA

I am a stream fish ecologist working on projects in USA and Japan